The Moana Framework is a set of practice orientations identified in the Pathways to Resilience and Youth Transitions Research (Massey University) that lead to better outcomes when working with vulnerable rangatahi.

Moana tohu

As a metaphor, Moana draws our attention to the relationship Pasifika youth have with the world around them. Moana is a tool to help kaimahi and agencies engage Pasifika youth and aiga/kainga/anau. It draws together the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values, kaimahi need to build relationships as well as the understanding of processes and systems required when working with Pasifika youth.

The elements are:

  • Waves – Pasifika youth in perpetual movement.
  • Shorelines – Shorelines symbolise opportunities for Va, authentic relational spaces between Pasifika youth and aiga/kainga/anau and kaimahi that acknowledge their Turanga.
  • Sand – A representation of practice that is fluid, adaptable and flexible through Tā-Vā.
  • Light – A natural phenomenon to depict pathways highlighted through Langi/Rangi/Ranginui, holders of natural light sources that offer space.


Moana Flip Cards

Moana Flip Cards_1_thumbnail.jpg