What was good about the service?
They helped me get to this course and sort of helped me with what I want to do in the future.
Quiet, no one argues, relaxed. Teachers understand me and help me when I need it
Learning how to build, giving me skills for life - I have never built anything in my life.
Learning how to control my anger
Punishment- If I wasn't given punishment I would still be doing stupid shit
I've learnt more being at course than at school
Staying out of trouble- somewhere to go off the street, looking forward to something everyday
It's really helpful because it keeps me off the couch and I still learn
They helped me understand how I felt, deal with my emotions - fed me.
They like understood me, and directed me to walk away from things that can get me in to trouble. They are understanding.
Zero tolerance for gang behaviour
My social worker stood by me. I felt she was on my side
Staying away from trouble and not being on the streets
Help me change my behaviour to positive thinking
Always encouraging me
Got me clothes when I had none, session pass for gym, counselling for alcohol and drug, primo hard core social worker
it has helped me to think more about my education and sport and helped me realise I am more than I give myself credit for
it taught me of the consequences that I had to manage myself due to my behaviour and actions
Been able to speak about my problems a little bit more freely
they let me live with nan, they listened to my request

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