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PARTH practice stories (click on the letters)

There is nothing better than practical ideas on how practice can change outcomes. These stories are real examples showing how PARTH can change practice with youth. If you are using PARTH in your practice we would love to include your stories. You can email a draft to us and we will work with you and your agency to ensure proper permissions. Please email any feedback on these stories and PARTH.


This young woman is in a volunteering role at the agency and is using her own experience to support staff working with young people. She first engaged with the NGO as a young teenager, over 10 years ago. Her journey with the service has included dipping in when needing medical/clinical support to longer periods of connection accessing counselling support for her mental health and AOD challenges. In her late teens she became hapu – engaging within the same NGO throughout her pregnancy and accessing post birth support.

Jane has ongoing mental health challenges and as part of her transitioning from our agency, key adult supports were explored with Jane over the 2 years prior. The transition path to other community supports were explored over time and discussed extensively with Jane to ensure she had time to make positive trusting connections with other providers.

Due to high levels of anxiety and difficulty in forming other meaningful stable connections it was decided together, that Jane would continue to be involved with us, but in a voluntary support capacity ensure she had contact with key practitioners and the service as a whole. She volunteered once a week at a support group which meant that she was able to continue relationships with staff she had built trust with, as well as contributing as a support worker.

Providing an opportunity was beyond the normal activities of our agency but one that was seen as necessary in providing safety for Jane in order for her to continue to grow skills and manage her own challenges well in a supportive environment Four years on Jane has developed strong initiative in leading the group. As her personal confidence has developed she has increased her own agency in finding key supports within the community and is currently exploring training options.

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