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PARTH practice stories (click on the letters)


Jane has a long and complex history with care and protection services. When she was removed from her mum’s care, her siblings were all moved into different foster families. This is something that Jane always found hard to deal with. She was jealous of her siblings’ situations, and missed being a family unit with mum. Jane started getting into trouble at school and her behaviour was bringing her to the attention of police. Jane left school before she was 16 and enrolled in a private training establishment. It was at this time that Jane first met her youth coach. Jane and her youth coach built a good rapport. Jane felt fairly hopeless about her future. Her youth coach, however, felt that Jane had a bright future ahead of her, and helped to foster potential opportunities for achievement. This included working on Jane’s strengths and helping her recognise them.

Fairly soon into the relationship, the youth coach took Jane to sit her learner’s licence. Jane was incredibly nervous, and spent the drive there talking about how she was going to fail and how embarrassing that would be. The youth coach reassured her that they could always try again. Jane passed her learner’s test and was extremely proud of herself. She said this was the first thing she had ever achieved in her life. When she got home her whanau cried because they were so happy for her. She was the first person in their whanau to have a driver’s licence. This seemed to be the catalyst for change for Jane. Since achieving her licence, she went on to achieve NCEA level 1- a Certificate she printed out and put on her wall.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. There were times when Jane made mistakes, and did things she regretted. Throughout this time, her youth coach was there for her regardless of what happened. Instead of feeling ashamed of things that had happened, Jane started to open up to her youth coach and would tell her when she had done something she didn’t feel proud of and they would work through this together.

The relationship between Jane and her youth coach was enduring, and Jane went on to pass NCEA level 2. She started making plans for her future, and looked into other tertiary courses. Jane has plans to become a youth advocate, ideally working as a lawyer for youth.

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