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PARTH practice stories (click on the letters)

We all know what it’s like when you are working with young people for a period of time and then things stop going anywhere…..what do we do?? my case I had been working with this young man for almost a year and we had built up a good relationship.

I was seeing him 2-3 times a week as he had requested. However, he started withdrawing and then got to a point where he would barely give me one word answers and spent a large amount of time during the interview looking at the ground.

I was frustrated with him, myself and everything else that was going on and was at a loss at how to get through to him. While sitting at my desk I flipped through my PARTH Model chart and it was while reading through this that I realised I needed to go back to basics and be completely transparent and honest with him.

So our next session when he sat down I out right asked him what was going on? Was there a problem between us?

These questions and our discussion was placing myself in a vulnerable position, but it also showed him that I had not only noticed that something was going on but it was affecting both of us. Although it scared me to think I could have been the issue, I was willing to try.

It was from this session that we have been able to rebuild our relationship and through this I have found new ways to not only work through what we need to but have fun doing it as well.

The PARTH model is not just another Model it really is something to incorporate into your current work life!!

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