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The Research

The research is part of an international study associated with the Resilience Research Centre in Canada. It is funded in NZ by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and is made up of two related projects. Both projects focus on young people with complex needs. Approximately 1500 young people, aged from 12-17 years old are involved in these studies.

The Pathways to Resilience Research Project

This is a 6 year study looking at what services young people in NZ have used and what their experiences have been. Its aim is to identify services and strategies that are successful in assisting young people to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

The Youth Transitions Research

This is a longitudinal study that follows youth as they move into adulthood. It explores the strategies they use and their strengths, abilities, plans, relationships and services to help them cope with hard times and to make successful transitions to adulthood.

PARTH Training

This is an experiential workshop which enables participants to explore the use of the PARTH model in their practice. It encourages participants to explore what constitutes effective practice and to develop strategies for overcoming the challenges to this practice.

This research has been funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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